The Urban EcoBlock is designed to allow community residents to participate in the design process, and ultimately the governance of the block upon completion. The intention is to salvage and renovate existing buildings to make them healthy and energy efficient, and supplement those buildings with new mixed-use buildings that include single family, duplex and multi-family dwellings, plus retail and commercial space within the block to allow residents to live, work and play there. Some of the features include:

  • Common grounds replacing alleys that include community gardens, park & playground and other amenities.
  • Reliable and efficient geothermal heat & cooling systems for the entire block to leverage economies of scale, and a solar-powered microgrid to produce clean energy onsite with enough storage to provide power during utility outages.
  • Community Land Trust designed by the community to ensure ongoing affordability, ecological stewardship of land, and equity for residents of all incomes.
  • Access to public transportation and shared electric vehicles and bicycles, allowing residents to choose to be “car-free.”
  • Low-flow water fixtures minimize water use and dual waste water systems used to treat and reuse as non-potable water, plus effective storm water management to store and reuse for landscaping and community gardens.

We encourage Interested community leaders to contact the board to evaluate your neighborhood as a candidate for an initial prototype!