Like all resources, reducing the demand for personal transportation related to living in the EcoBlock is a main emphasis. This can be accommodated by selecting “smart” locations, and extending and expanding public services and local job creation where possible.

  • Common amenities within the EcoBlock include bike sharing, car sharing, electric cars with solar charging, and ride services.
  • Job creation within the EcoBlock include urban agriculture, and management and maintenance of the common areas.
  • Services within the EcoBlock could include child care, elder care, and health clinics.

Sharing services within the EcoBlock itself can help foster a culture of car-free living while still maintaining a level of convenience. The mixed-development nature of will also create job opportunities within the block itself, and demand for transportation can be reduced even further with social services as part of the potential mix.

Ideal locations include blocks near potential job centers, along public transportation and bike routes, and within walking and biking distance of retail and community services.