The Urban EcoBlock team has been working closely with the City of St. Louis to create a Planned Unit Development that has pre-approved a progressive urban development strategy. Our Model EcoCode has been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by the City’s Planning and Zoning staff, enabling developers to get a green light on new but proven technologies to promote sustainability. Some of the key elements include:

  • Mixed-use block in close proximity to the NGA West development, enabling mixed-income residents to live and work near their home.
  • A Community Land Trust to maintain affordable housing and control of at least a portion of the block.
  • Leading edge building technologies including block-level ground-source HVAC system, solar-based microgrid to minimize ongoing operating costs for residents.
  • On-site stormwater management, dual-pipe wastewater systems and low-flow fixtures to minimize water use and export.
  • Attractive financial incentives, including local and federal programs, for development within an Opportunity Zone.

We are interested in working with like-minded developers to create a prototype in North St. Louis. Interested developers should contact the board to learn more and discuss this unique opportunity to make our urban core a healthier and happier place to live, work and play.