We recognize the history of inequity and environmental devastation in much of our urban core. In order to repair this damage and achieve racial and economic equity, plus ecological stewardship for the EcoBlock, these strategies will guide the social design:

  • Community engagement to facilitate ownership of the design process;
  • A mixed-income block-level housing plan, including housing for lower income residents, for a more diverse and resilient community;
  • Economic equity through income-scaled HOA fees and resale formulas to allow all residents to benefit from the appreciation of their investments;
  • Racial equity to reverse and repair segregation and disinvestment, and to promote and celebrate diversity;
  • Shared commons-centered layout to provide community interaction, personal refuge and common resources;
  • Community Land Trust designed by the community to ensure ongoing affordability, ecological stewardship of land, and equity for residents of all incomes.

Future social design processes will be informed by best practices of ecological and economically diverse urban communities, and the feedback systems of other EcoBlocks.