A form-based EcoCode fosters predictable results by using physical form, rather than a separation of uses, as the organizing principle. This code de-emphasizes the segregation of land use, and encourages mixed-uses that create walkability. It establishes design requirements that preserve community character, and enables developers to easily gain approval for projects that follow the code.  

  • The mixed-use development enables a compact, efficient land use pattern that allows for greater intensity of land use, and enables people in the community to walk or take public transportation to nearby jobs, which benefits individual health and reduces traffic congestion.
  • This also creates economic opportunities in areas that have suffered disinvestment, and improves property values of nearby homes that have withstood years of decline.
  • Mixed-income housing mitigates poverty concentration, allowing lower income individuals a greater likelihood of escaping poverty when they live in economically diverse neighborhoods.
  • Each home or rental unit is designed with no difference in the quality of the unit, and both public and private financing options are accessible for the development.