Thoughtful urban design can promote health and well-being among inhabitants just as easily as a poorly planned community can harm them. EcoBlock’s public health goals aim to lessen chronic disease and promote vitality, which can be achieved through careful planning that promotes an active lifestyle, proper nutrition, and reduced exposure to toxic conditions.

  • Situating each EcoBlock within an urban core that is close to transit and other services and designing for mixed-use will foster a walkable and bikeable community that doesn’t require a car. This will increase the inhabitants’ activity levels while also decreasing emissions.
  • Common spaces will be designated for community gardens that allow residents to grow their own organic food, and edible landscapes will be planted throughout the community. Not only will this enable residents to eat healthfully, but it will also keep them active.
  • Green spaces will be designed to foster a better sense of community and make the community safer.
  • Covenants will be utilized to minimize use of chemicals in the community. Building materials will non-toxic and made from natural or recycled materials in all applications possible. Chemicals utilized in and around homes will be mindfully as a last resort to other more natural options.