In order to achieve net zero energy in the EcoBlock, a three-fold combination of energy efficiency, conscious conservation, and renewable energy will be used. The following strategies are the primary methods to achieve our goals.

  • Optimized building envelope to minimize heat transfer
  • Natural ventilation and daylighting
  • High-efficiency LED lighting and controls
  • District geothermal heating & cooling with smart controls
  • Microgrid with solar plus bio-fuel based generator and battery storage
  • Dashboards to measure and monitor energy production and usage.

Under normal operations, grid power will be used for nighttime loads, particularly for the charging of electric vehicles. As battery storage becomes more cost-effective, the EcoBlock may be able to become less reliant on grid power, and potentially utilize EV battery storage during the day. The combination of technological developments and regulatory reform will undoubtedly encourage an evolution of energy systems over time.