The William A. Kerr Foundation (WAKF) awarded Urban EcoBlock a grant to cover the cost of producing a professional version of the “The Model EcoCode: A Roadmap for the Sustainable Redevelopment of our Inner Cities.”  This is the zoning guidance document that illustrates a zoning structure to implement the physical aspects of an EcoBlock in any city with this type of infrastructure as well as outlining the process of getting it adopted into the zoning code.

The grant also covered the development of the “EcoCode: St. Louis” which is designed as a city-specific zoning document that can be adopted as either “Floating Zoning” or as a “Model Planned Unit Development,” which is contextualized to St. Louis but not yet site (i.e. block) specific.  The UEB board will work closely with the St. Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency to attain approval by the Zoning Department.